Selecting the right college or graduate school for your child, and steering him or her through the maze that constitutes today’s admissions process, can be a daunting undertaking for many of us. Nevertheless, as parents we all want to provide the very best educational opportunities for our children. As a result, our do-it yourself admissions efforts often devolve into a time-consuming, stressful, and overwhelming experience for the whole family.

Collegiate Admissions was established for this reason – to transform the normally arduous admissions process into a manageable and positive exercise. As independent educational consultants we do this by personally guiding you and your child through the entire admissions process right up to the college or graduate school selection.

Throughout the years, we have consulted with an array of students from many different states and countries seeking various types of admissions assistance. We have already done all the hard background work – it remains for us simply to match up our knowledge basis and experience with the particular requirements and desires of you and your child. We attend college admissions conferences and visit colleges, universities and graduate schools throughout the year to stay abreast of the latest in college and graduate school admissions.

Finally, we are passionate about what we do, as further evidenced by our commitment to provide pro bono, the same quality service to a portion of our disadvantaged student population.

We are here to answer all of your questions or address any concerns, and we structure our availability around the student’s personal schedule. If you are interested in finding out all that we may have to offer, please contact us today. We would be happy to help make the college admissions process a positive and manageable experience for you and your family.